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Muslim denied job by Hindu run business

Posted by The Mindset on May 22, 2015

A diamond merchant based in Mumbai Hare Krishna Exports Pvt LTD has been charged for denying job to Zeeshan Ali Khan a MBA graduate.

The Hindu Report – ‘Sorry, we don’t hire Muslims’

In a case of religious discrimination, a leading diamond export company here has rejected the job application of a young man just because he is a Muslim.
“Thanks for your application. We regret to inform you that we hire only non-Muslim candidates,” was the reply MBA graduate Zeshan Ali Khan received.
Having completed his MBA in international business, Mr. Khan was searching for a job in a leading export house. He emailed his resume to Hare Krishna Exports Pvt. Ltd. on Tuesday. The diamond conglomerate is headquartered in Mumbai and has a global presence
“Along with a bunch of friends, I forwarded my resume to the company. Almost half of them were immediately placed. I got a reply within 20 minutes of my application. I was shocked when I read it,” Mr. Khan told The Hindu.
“Initially, I thought it was a joke. Had they wanted to reject my application they could have given other excuses…,” he said.

This guy is making unnecessary fuss. It’s a company started by a Hindu and he has every right to run it in the way he likes. To maintain the company’s culture, a uniformity is required to be maintained. People in general want to live and work with their own kind. It’s only Muslims who want to force themselves onto others.

We all know how Muslims treat their minorities. Non-Muslims Minorities in Islamic countries are denied even the basic rights. Their women are kidnapped, raped and forcibly married to Muslims and the police call them kaffir. Instead of working in a Hindu kaffir firm why Zeshan Ali Khan didn’t move to Saudi Arabia, the direction in which he prays. Intead of filing police complaint he should answer what his community has given to this country in the last 70 years – nothing but crime, murders, riots, goondagardi and terrorism.

Don’t whine about getting denied for a  job, you got your own country in 1947; why are you still here?

On a side note I was thinking about his two friends who refused to join the company. Zeshan Ali Khan – after all this free publicity – will easily get a job at some Muslim run business. What about his two classmates?

5 Responses to “Muslim denied job by Hindu run business”

  1. Your are a hypocrite . If you hate Muslims doesn’t mean every body hates them, You are simply an arrogant ignorant of truth , People like you are always happy to live in dreams and dramatized stories . Keep wasting your time !!!

  2. Leo said

    Islamic State sex slave forced to recite Qur’an during rapes! 😮 😮


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