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Brussels terrorist attackers identified

Posted by The Mindset on March 24, 2016

Brussels suicide bombers were all Muslims (no surprise here) with a history of crime.


Brussels Airport Attackers – Bakraoui Brothers – Ibrahim el-Bakraoui & Khalid el-Bakraoui

They were both born in Belgium ( it doesn’t matter where a Muslim is born, they always pray towards Mecca and have loyalty towards Ummah).

The NY Times Report
BRUSSELS — The Brussels suicide bombers included two Belgium-born brothers with a violent criminal past and suspected links to plotters of the Islamic State’s Paris attacks last November, the authorities said on Wednesday, raising new alarms about Europe’s leaky defenses against a militant organization that has terrorized two European capitals with seeming impunity.
One of the brothers was deported by Turkey back to Europe less than a year ago, Turkey’s president said, suspected of being a terrorist fighter intent on entering Syria, where the Islamic State is based. Despite that statement, Belgian officials said neither brother had been under suspicion for terrorism until recently, an indication of the Islamic State’s ability to remain steps ahead of European intelligence and security monitors.
At least 31 people as well as the suicide bombers died on Tuesday in the blasts — two at the Brussels international airport departure terminal from homemade bombs hidden in luggage, and one at a subway station about seven miles away in the heart of Brussels. The number of wounded climbed to 300 from 270 on Wednesday as the area slowly sought to recover from one of the deadliest peacetime assaults in Belgium’s history.

Liberal idiots think that they can assimilate Muslims by providing them jobs. Muslims don’t go to European countries to get jobs or for better life, they go to Europe to convert it into another Islamic hellhole.


5 Responses to “Brussels terrorist attackers identified”

  1. sana said

    would u like it if someone said anything about your religion has there never been a christian or jew or hindu or any other religion terrorist
    dont blame the religion blame the person

  2. Stop the muslm cults from building any more moques and ship all those invaders back where they cam from

  3. RR said

    Creating Frankenstein: The Saudi export of Wahhabism! 😮

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