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Muslim women thrashes 10-month old Hindu baby girl,fractures her head-Caught on camera

Posted by The Mindset on November 27, 2016

Afsana Sheikh(30), a Muslim women working as a caretaker at a day care centre in Mumbai has been arrested for violently thrashing a 10-month old Hindu baby girl.

The 10-month-old girl’s parents Ruchita and Rajat Sinha, who are complainants in the case, used to leave their child at the day care centre as they both are working.

On Tuesday, when they went to take her, they found a wound on their daughter’s forehead. There were bruises all over her face and body. Ruchita asked creche owner Nikam about it, but she did not get a proper response from the day care centre. When the baby’s parents approached a doctor, he suspected it to be a case of child abuse.Subsequently, the child’s parents went to Kharghar Police Station and lodged a complaint.

The police and the child’s parents were shocked when they later saw the CCTV footage of creche.In the video, Sheikh is clearly visible, brutally beating, punching, slapping, poking, kicking and throwing around the crying little girl.

Head injury
The Sinhas were even more distressed when baby Rishita became feverish and started vomiting. “We took her back to the doctor and a CT scan revealed that she has a small fracture at the back of her skull, which led to internal bleeding. She is now under observation for two days at the Fortis Hospital in Vashi,” said her father, Rajat.

Senior paediatric consultant Dr Ashok Gawdi, who is treating the child, told mid-day, “When the patient was first brought to me, I suspected that there had been a physical assault, so I categorically informed parents not to send her to the day care centre and to inquire into the matter. Though the child is medically stable now, she is extremely scared.”

Subsequently, Kharghar Police arrested Afsana Sheikh and the day care centre’s owner Priyanka Nikam (34). However, Nikam was later released on surety bail while Sheikh has been remanded in police custody. Kharghar police have now slapped an attempt to murder charge against the arrested maid and owner of a Kharghar creche in the 10-month-old baby’s assault case.

The child is being treated at a private hospital for the injuries inflicted on her.

The video of the alleged incident has gone viral on social media, prompting the authorities to announce installation of CCTVs at such centres.

It’s a warning to all Hindu parents; if you are leaving your child at a day care centre make sure there is no Muslim working there. It may happen that one day you will return from your work, to find the dead body of your child.

It’s also a wake up call for employers – please do not keep Muslims under your employment. It’s not good for you, your business or family.

2 Responses to “Muslim women thrashes 10-month old Hindu baby girl,fractures her head-Caught on camera”

  1. Atheist Kid said

    How about we stone her to death in public as per their Sharia law?

    No in this case all mullahs will start chanting *constitution doesn’t allow* etc

    But if you point out the flaws of Pisslam…these same mullahs start demanding sharia punishments

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