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Contribution of Muslims to India

Posted by The Mindset on February 18, 2018

Recently a WhatApp message is being circulated among Muslims claiming Muslims have contributed a lot to India. As usual Muslims talk about Taj Mahal in the message. They have included Biryani and Tandoori Roti in the list which is cheap even as per their own standard. Let’s have a look at the cheapness of these messages:

  1. Taj Mahal: I have already written about it earlier – Taj Mahal is a useless tomb . Taj Mahal satisfies the over inflated ego of Muslims. Taj Mahal was built by overtaxing the poor farmers of Doab region in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. It’s not a surprise that these two areas are the most poor today. Shah Jahan the retard in Chief wasted the entire treasury on this blunder mahal. No wonder his own son Aurangjeb imprisoned him. Later, due to Aurangjeb who was himself a Islamic fanatic started his murderous campaign against Hindus, the condition of farmers became worse. They got fed up with this father-son retard duo and started a rebellion which ended up in the total annihilation of Mughal Empire. It all started with Taj Mahal. Muslims are even claiming that Taj Mahal is generating revenue – as if Muslims understand such things. More than 90% of visitors to Taj Mahal are Indians. The money is just circulating in India, it’s not revenue. The little revenue this stupid tomb is generating is because we are free from the Mughals. Remember that Taj Mahal was a private premises. It was never built with  the intention of generating revenue. It’s not a contribution to the country in any way. People are not using on a daily basis and have to pay to get an entry. Muslims should read about Umaid Bhawan Palace, one of the largest private residence in the world. It was built by the then Hindu king during the time of famine in order to provide employment to the public. This is difference between Hindu Kings and Muslims Rulers. Hindu Kings never burdened the public with taxes to build splendid tombs and palaces for them. They took care of their people like their own children. Muslim rulers were just interested in looting the public.
  2. Biryani: It looks so cheap even writing about it. Biryani is spiced rice and Muslims are claiming that they introduced this food to Indians. Perhaps Muslims believe everybody in India eats biryani in breakfast, lunch and dinner or perhaps people are lining up to restaurants to eat biryani. Some Muslims are even claiming that biryani is the most popular food in India. Surely NOT. The most popular food in India are daal, rice, samosa and poha. It looks so cheap on Muslims that they make a claim over a food. There are around 5000 Indian restaurants in USA alone. Does that mean Indians are contributing to their lives? No. People are paying for their food and nowadays anybody can pull a recipe from internet.
  3. Tandoori Roti: Another example of cheapness of these people. Tandoori roti is limited to hotels only. People in India eat homemade chapatis or parathas at home. Claiming tandoori as a contribution just shows the cheap mentality of these people.
  4. Musical Gharana: Islam is against music, all kind of it. This is one of the reason why Sufi shrines in Pakistan were attacked by ISIS Muslims. As for musical gharanas or families , they were using Indian musical instruments. India has a long musical history dating back to thousands of years involving development of several musical styles and instruments. Muslims were barbarian who brought nothing with them.
  5. Textile Industry: This one is a blatant lie. Perhaps Muslims think they can fool others because a few of them are involved in the weaving industry. They can’t. This is what the Wikipedia page on Textile Industry in India states:

A block printed and resist-dyed fabrics, whose origin is from Gujarat is found in tombs of Fostat, Egypt. This proves that Indian export of cotton textiles to the Egypt or the Nile Civilization in medieval times were to a large extent. Large quantity of north Indian silk were traded through the silk route in China  to the western countries. The Indian silk were often exchanged with the western countries for their spices in the barter system.

6. Economy of India: “When Mughals were ruling India it’s share of world GDP was 27 which fell to 2% under the British.”
This was the text of a WhatApp message circulating among Muslims. The question here is “What was the role/contribution of Muslims to Indian economy?

You can observe from the below chart that from 1000 AD India’s share in world’s GDP started declining while China’s share started increasing. The reason was – Islamic invasion of India. From 1000 AD Muslims started attacking India – Mahmud Ghaznavi, Muhammad Ghori and later Islamic dacoits ravaged the country.

If Muslims were really so good at building an economy why Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh are not rich countries?

Indian Economy 1000 AD to 2008


It’s clear Muslims are just boasting about things which are either trivial in nature(food) or non existent. They should first contribute to the society first and then feel good about themselves. Sharing WhatApp messages can only satisfy their inflated egos but will not do anything good for them.

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