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"There is poison in the fang of the serpent, in the mouth of the fly and in the sting of a scorpion; but the wicked man is saturated with it." – Chanakya

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  1. karim said




    • There are so many ‘Black sheep’ among Muslims that the entire community is BLACK.

      The blog provides enough data to prove anything.
      If you don’t agree then give other proofs or just SHUT UP

  2. ANK said

    your dream is never going to fulfill u as***le…… we will be in India always…. and one day whole India will be Islamic nation….
    u with your shit religion of cowards better be underground….

    • India is ours, just look at what happened in Assam , we will kill you and your filthy religion with you bastards will be wiped out from this world.

      • ANK said

        These blogs are actually for spreading hatred in non Muslims for Muslims to polarize vote bank for BJP

        but….u bastard.. yours is a fools paradise…

        On avg 20000 people are accepting Islam in America every year… after WTC people started studding Islam and ultimately falling for it… your hate speeches will do the same in India…
        your blogs are 200% false and bundle of shit as per facts… when people will go to the depth they will ultimately find the truth…

        HEY!!!! u are actually a GOD send angel for Islam for more and more conversions…
        so u must accept Islam … at first..
        say with me… “LAA-I-LAAHA ILLALLAH”

        • lala lulla
          kiss my lulla
          you Muslims are cheats and liars..all over the world…
          all those lies are not going to change anything…more people leave Islam for the real religion of peace and many others want to leave but for the fear of their life are not doing same.
          give proof if you want to prove anything or just shut the f**k you filthy criminal.

  3. humanitarian said

    You bastards better know your fate but you may day dream for some time. Never expect a garland welcome from the people whom you jihadi swines keep on targeting. People from every community today are polarizing against you. This is why whenever you try to gun down people you get one big drone missile on your ass or a death worse than filthy cockroaches. You Barbaric people only deserve a place to live in that is desert and keep on riding camels and donkeys. So far islamization of India is concerned I would let you idiots know that when your cheater, ungrateful, cruel forefathers could not succeed in more than 1000 years, is this within your capability in today’s time?

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