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Two teenage sisters shot dead in Pakistan for dancing in the rain

Posted by The Mindset on July 4, 2013

it’s not rape if they are dead.
that’s the ideology of Islam.

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10 non-Muslim Tourists killed in Pakistan

Posted by The Mindset on June 25, 2013

One more reason not to go to Pakistan – aka porkistan/pornistan/terror-istan/pervert-istan

10 tourists were shot dead in POrkiland.

The Hindu Report – Nine foreign tourists, 1 guide shot dead in PakistanTaliban gunmen disguised as soldiers killed nine foreign tourists and a Pakistani guide in an unprecedented attack on a base camp in remote mountains of northern Pakistan, embarrassing the PML-N government just weeks after it assumed office.

Speaking in parliament, Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan said three Chinese nationals, one Russian, five Ukrainians and one Pakistani were among the dead.

The outlawed Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan on Sunday claimed responsibility for the attack, saying it was carried out to avenge the death of the group’s deputy chief, Waliur Rehman, in a US drone strike on May 29.

Taliban spokesman Ihsanullah Ihsan called journalists and said the attack was carried out by a new faction named Junood-e-Hafsa.

“This will tell the international community about our feelings and sentiments against the killing of our fighters.

Why Muslims don’t do anything good? How they can – their “religion of peace” demands them to kill all infidels.

Note that Chinese are long term friends of Pakistan – why Muslims don’t even spare Chinese-their friends.

More News:

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Indian ‘spy’ killed for washing clothes in Lahore jail: Witness

Posted by The Mindset on January 28, 2013

The Pakistanis have killed another Indian – this time on the other side of border. The peaceful followers of The Religion of Peace beat an Indian to death because he was “washing his clothes”.

The typical arrogance that Muslims have coupled with their hatred for the infidels is out open.

Muslims are opposing a movie like “Vishwaroopam” but failed to stop such incidents.

Indian ‘spy’ killed for washing clothes in Lahore jail: Witness 
LAHORE: An Indian inmate at the Lahore Central Jail in Kot Lakhpat died under mysterious circumstances.

Chamail Singh, son of Salaar Singh, is a 48-year-old resident of Targwal Khalkay village, Akhnoor tehsil, in Jammu, who was imprisoned on spying charges after a military trial sentence in June 2012.

The beating was witnessed by another inmate, Tehsin Khan Advocate, who was able to speak about it as he was freed three days later on January 18. He told The Express Tribune that at 7:45am on January 15 Singh was washing his clothes at a tap in the jail’s courtyard when two chakar imdadis or hawaldars, Muhammad Sidique and Muhammad Nawaz, and Assistant Superintendent of Jail (ASJ) Nasir Nawaz stopped him for doing so.

“Does he think the jail is his home where he can wash his clothes wherever he wants?” Khan quoted Nawaz as saying.

When Singh responded, the hawaldars started beating him on Nawaz’s orders. The ASJ himself allegedly pounded Singh with his fists. Kicks drew blood from Singh’s upper lip and brow. The three men continued to beat him for a minute, at the end of which he was dead, claimed Khan.

The jailors dispatched the body to the prison hospital before rushing to barrack No. 4 where Singh had been kept. According to Khan, eight affidavits were then extracted from his fellow inmates, all Indian nationals, to the effect that it was a ‘natural’ death. Aided by another inmate Zeeshan, the prisoners who signed the papers were Maqbool Ali, Mohammad Fareed, Kuldeep Kumar, Javed Singh and Lakhu Ram, Shabu Nath. This was all done in the absence of a magistrate.

The affidavits state that Singh lit a cigarette after washing his clothes and died of natural causes. He was rushed to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Singh’s body has been in the Jinnah Hospital mortuary for 12 days. Assistant Superintendant of Police Muhammad Sarwar confirms that he had received the body from the jail and taken it to the hospital.

ASJ Nasir Nawaz was contacted several times by The Express Tribune, but he did not respond. Additional Superintendant Ishtiaq Gill denied, claims, that Singh was beaten to death.

Published in The Express Tribune, January 28th, 2013.

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Azad Maidan Violence proves – There are NO Moderate Muslims

Posted by The Mindset on August 18, 2012

What happened at Azad Maidan, Mumbai on August 11 2012 is another proof that there are NO moderate Muslims. If you are following the Azad maidan, Mumbai, violence by Muslims you must have noted a few points:

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Pakistan a failed state: US lawmaker to PM Yousuf Raza Gilani

Posted by The Mindset on May 9, 2012

So finally a US lawmaker said what we had known for long – Pakistan is a Failed State. What’s new in that – in a country where even a governor can be killed and people are sympathetic to the killer , what can you expect.

Times of India report: Pakistan a failed state: US lawmaker to PM Yousuf Raza Gilani

WASHINGTON:Influential American Congressman Dana Rohrabacher has told Pakistani Prime Minister Yousuf Gilani that his country is a failed state and no amount of US aid money will ever change that.

“It is becoming increasingly clear to Members of the US Congress that Pakistan is a failed state and no amount of US aid money will ever change that,” Rohrabacher wrote in a letter to Gilani.
In his letter, Rohrabacher condemned a recent police action that resulted in the death of four Baluchi men.

“Pakistan’s future will remain bleak and marred by political violence as long as the Pakistani government and military continue to deny ethnic groups within Pakistan a right to self-determination,” he wrote.

“American aid money for Pakistan will dry up. It is clear that the Pakistani military and intelligence services have for years diverted money intended to help the people of Balochistan, and the other provinces of Pakistan, into funding terrorism and buying weapons to repress their own people,” Rohrabacher said.

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Pakistan on the Brink by Ahmed Rashid: Book review

Posted by The Mindset on April 24, 2012

Sooner or later this happens to all Islamic states . Read the entire article/review at The telegraph.

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We Should Leave the Muslims alone

Posted by The Mindset on October 13, 2011

In response to my post Hate filled comments by Muslims a reader Sheerin left this comment:

Why can’t urll hindus leave us muslims alone, y are urll jealous over our perfect religion n my beloved prophet my allah will except u if u give up ur idol worshipping n believe in my allah, we muslims have blind faith n urll r jealous over our strength n our perfect religion join us n ull see how my allah will put imaan in ur heart after all islam is the perfect religion

The comment is really funny (leave the English apart). If Muslims really have a perfect religion than what are Muslims doing doing in Non-Muslims countries. Why they go to USA or Britain, Why the Bangladeshis come to India?

If Islam is perfect than why there is so much violence in Muslims countries? Islam is perfect than why there are so many Failed Islamic States?

Now let’s see how powerful the Muslims are ? Here is the data regarding the flood relief aid provided to Pakistan in 2010:

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Pakistan: The Guardian of Peace

Posted by The Mindset on September 23, 2011

Atanu Dey at is one of my favorite writers. Here is an advertisement published by the Pakistan Ministry showing Pakistan as the Guardian of Peace. I got the link to this excellent ‘comedy’ on Atanu’s post Diggy Singh is a RSS mole.

Here is the photographic ad:

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Ahmadiya community fit to be killed, says pamphlets in Pakistan

Posted by The Mindset on June 14, 2011

Pamphlets branding members of the minority Ahmadiya community as “wajib-ul-qatl” (fit to be killed) and inciting people to attack them are being openly circulated in Pakistan’s
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There are no moderate Muslims

Posted by The Mindset on April 23, 2011


Here you can see the Mumtaz Qadri – the killer of Salmaan Taseer being showered with flower petals by his supporters.
    On January 4, 2011, Taseer was assassinated in Islamabad by his own security guard who disagreed with Taseer’s opposition to Pakistan’s blasphemy law. Salmaan Taseer was governor of Punjab and was against blasphemy law. He condemned the death sentence of a Christian woman Asia Bibi who had been sentenced to death by hanging for insulting The Prophet of Islam. (Islam is The Religion of Peace – it’s enough to insult The Prophet for getting you hanged.)

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