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2 Muslims arrested on gang rape charges

Posted by The Mindset on November 17, 2019

Oh the poor, persecuted Muslims of India. Why not the police just leave them alone and let them do what they want to.

Times of India report: Gujarat: ‘He used to rape women in front of their partners’

AHMEDABAD: A member of the notorious Dafer gang, Akbar alias Lulo Sandhi (45) of village Vasava of Viramgam, was caught by the city crime branch on Wednesday from Ahmedabad. According to police, Sandhi’s name had figured in two gang rape cases.
In-charge crime branch DCP Rajdeepsinh Jhala said three members of the gang are still on the run.

Gujarat: ‘He used to rape women in front of their partners’

Accused in police custody

AHMEDABAD: A member of the notorious Dafer gang, Akbar alias Lulo Sandhi (45) of village Vasava of Viramgam, was caught by the city crime branch on Wednesday from Ahmedabad. According to police, Sandhi’s name had figured in two gang rape cases.
In-charge crime branch DCP Rajdeepsinh Jhala said three members of the gang are still on the run.

“Till now, we have detected his involvement in two cases of gang rape in which a girl and a housewife were gang-raped in front of their boyfriend and husband, respectively,” said Jhala.
Police said the gang also committed loot, robbery and robbery with murder. “The gang members used to rape women in case they couldn’t find any valuables from their targets,” said a senior crime branch official.
Police said the gang is involved in more than 18 cases of burglary, keeping illegal weapon and pickpocketing.

Crime branch officials said the gang have committed offences in Sanand, Sarkhej, Bavla, Kalol, Langhdaj, Bagodara, Mehsana, Lakhtar, Bavla, Botad, Viramgam and Kadi police station areas.


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Hindu girl Mansi Dixit murdered by Muslim

Posted by The Mindset on January 25, 2019

mumbai-dumped-october-mangroves-whose-mansi-dixit_fd5c702c-200d-11e9-abd9-895ad40f6f04Mansi Dixit a Hindu girl was murdered by a Muslim man Syed Muzammil. Mansi Dixit came to Mumbai looking for job as a model. According to the police, Muzammil had known Dixit for a few days and found her attractive. “I called her on the pretext of a photoshoot and demanded to have sex with her. When she refused, I hit her on the head with a wooden stool,” Muzammil is stated to have told the police during his interrogation.




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Muslim gang busted for stealing 10,000 luxury vehicles.

Posted by The Mindset on November 19, 2018

A Muslim gang has been busted for stealing overly 10,000 luxury vehicles in the last three years. The names of the th ree believers are : Mohommad Arif (22), Mohommad Kallu (22) and Mohommad Amir (23)

Times of India Report

When police finally got hold of Mohommad Arif (22), Mohommad Kallu (22) and Mohommad Amir (23) on Sunday, they claimed to have solved over 10,000 vehicle-theft cases in three years. The trio stole at least 25 vehicles in the last five days alone, police said.
A team from Kirti Nagar police station arrested the three men while they were fleeing with another luxury car from an upscale society. The men would steal the cars in Delhi and sell them in Odisha, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. Police seized five stolen vehicles, including two Fortuners and Cretas, after information from the accused.
DCP (west) Monika Bhardwaj said considering the recent rise in vehicle thefts in the capital, a team led by SHO Kirti Nagar, Anil Sharma, was formed. “On November 11, two luxury cars were stolen from Kirti Nagar. The team followed up on the case and conducted several raids,” Bhardwaj said. With the help of GPS installed in one of the stolen cars, the team got on to the gang’s trail. What followed was a chase of nearly 390km, which finally led them to a dumpyard in Aurangabad. “Without wasting any time, the team conducted a raid there. The trio, on seeing the police, ran towards the paddy fields, but were chased down,” Bhardwaj said.

It’s laughable that these people claim to be persecuted minority of India.

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Muslims arrested for planning to kill Hindu outfit leaders

Posted by The Mindset on September 4, 2018

Four Muslims have been arrested for planning to kill Hindu outfit leaders in Coimbatore city.*/

The arrested have been identified as

R Ashik (25) of Coimbatore

S Ismail (25) of Villuppuram

S Samsudeen (20) of Pallavaram

S Salavudeen (25) and I Jaffar Sadiq Ali (29) of Chennai




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Contribution of Muslims to India

Posted by The Mindset on February 18, 2018

Recently a WhatApp message is being circulated among Muslims claiming Muslims have contributed a lot to India. As usual Muslims talk about Taj Mahal in the message. They have included Biryani and Tandoori Roti in the list which is cheap even as per their own standard. Let’s have a look at the cheapness of these messages:

  1. Taj Mahal: I have already written about it earlier – Taj Mahal is a useless tomb . Taj Mahal satisfies the over inflated ego of Muslims. Taj Mahal was built by overtaxing the poor farmers of Doab region in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. It’s not a surprise that these two areas are the most poor today. Shah Jahan the retard in Chief wasted the entire treasury on this blunder mahal. No wonder his own son Aurangjeb imprisoned him. Later, due to Aurangjeb who was himself a Islamic fanatic started his murderous campaign against Hindus, the condition of farmers became worse. They got fed up with this father-son retard duo and started a rebellion which ended up in the total annihilation of Mughal Empire. It all started with Taj Mahal. Muslims are even claiming that Taj Mahal is generating revenue – as if Muslims understand such things. More than 90% of visitors to Taj Mahal are Indians. The money is just circulating in India, it’s not revenue. The little revenue this stupid tomb is generating is because we are free from the Mughals. Remember that Taj Mahal was a private premises. It was never built with  the intention of generating revenue. It’s not a contribution to the country in any way. People are not using on a daily basis and have to pay to get an entry. Muslims should read about Umaid Bhawan Palace, one of the largest private residence in the world. It was built by the then Hindu king during the time of famine in order to provide employment to the public. This is difference between Hindu Kings and Muslims Rulers. Hindu Kings never burdened the public with taxes to build splendid tombs and palaces for them. They took care of their people like their own children. Muslim rulers were just interested in looting the public.
  2. Biryani: It looks so cheap even writing about it. Biryani is spiced rice and Muslims are claiming that they introduced this food to Indians. Perhaps Muslims believe everybody in India eats biryani in breakfast, lunch and dinner or perhaps people are lining up to restaurants to eat biryani. Some Muslims are even claiming that biryani is the most popular food in India. Surely NOT. The most popular food in India are daal, rice, samosa and poha. It looks so cheap on Muslims that they make a claim over a food. There are around 5000 Indian restaurants in USA alone. Does that mean Indians are contributing to their lives? No. People are paying for their food and nowadays anybody can pull a recipe from internet. Read the rest of this entry »

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Muslim women thrashes 10-month old Hindu baby girl,fractures her head-Caught on camera

Posted by The Mindset on November 27, 2016

Afsana Sheikh(30), a Muslim women working as a caretaker at a day care centre in Mumbai has been arrested for violently thrashing a 10-month old Hindu baby girl.

The 10-month-old girl’s parents Ruchita and Rajat Sinha, who are complainants in the case, used to leave their child at the day care centre as they both are working.

On Tuesday, when they went to take her, they found a wound on their daughter’s forehead. There were bruises all over her face and body. Ruchita asked creche owner Nikam about it, but she did not get a proper response from the day care centre. When the baby’s parents approached a doctor, he suspected it to be a case of child abuse.Subsequently, the child’s parents went to Kharghar Police Station and lodged a complaint.

The police and the child’s parents were shocked when they later saw the CCTV footage of creche.In the video, Sheikh is clearly visible, brutally beating, punching, slapping, poking, kicking and throwing around the crying little girl.

Head injury
The Sinhas were even more distressed when baby Rishita became feverish and started vomiting. “We took her back to the doctor and a CT scan revealed that she has a small fracture at the back of her skull, which led to internal bleeding. She is now under observation for two days at the Fortis Hospital in Vashi,” said her father, Rajat.

Senior paediatric consultant Dr Ashok Gawdi, who is treating the child, told mid-day, “When the patient was first brought to me, I suspected that there had been a physical assault, so I categorically informed parents not to send her to the day care centre and to inquire into the matter. Though the child is medically stable now, she is extremely scared.”

Subsequently, Kharghar Police arrested Afsana Sheikh and the day care centre’s owner Priyanka Nikam (34). However, Nikam was later released on surety bail while Sheikh has been remanded in police custody. Kharghar police have now slapped an attempt to murder charge against the arrested maid and owner of a Kharghar creche in the 10-month-old baby’s assault case.

The child is being treated at a private hospital for the injuries inflicted on her.

The video of the alleged incident has gone viral on social media, prompting the authorities to announce installation of CCTVs at such centres.

It’s a warning to all Hindu parents; if you are leaving your child at a day care centre make sure there is no Muslim working there. It may happen that one day you will return from your work, to find the dead body of your child.

It’s also a wake up call for employers – please do not keep Muslims under your employment. It’s not good for you, your business or family.

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Muslim family arrested for rape of minor girl

Posted by The Mindset on March 25, 2016

What to say? What to say? Whenever I think Muslims can’t sink any lower they prove me wrong by commiting even more horrible crime.

In the latest a Muslim named Nadeem(age 25) raped a minor girl and threatened her with a video clip and said he would circulate it on social media.

The rapists Muslim’s family was present in the house when the minor was raped. Nadeem’s father,mother and sister(what a lovely family) have been arrested.

Youth rapes minor girl, films act

Muzaffarnagar: A 17-year-old girl was allegedly raped by a youth who filmed the act in Purkazi town here, police said on Wednesday.

The girl was taken to the residence by the youth’s sister on March 13 following which she was raped by Nadeem (25), according to a complaint lodged by the victim’s father. The accused asked the girl not to disclose the incident to anyone, threatening her with a video clip and said he would circulate it on social media, police said.

Other family members of the accused were also present in the house when the incident took place, they said. A case was registered on Wednesday on the directive of the SP City against Nadeem, his sister Afsana, father Ikram, uncle Kamil and mother Sarvari under sections 376 (rape), 120B (criminal conspiracy) and 506 (criminal intimidation) of IPC and POCSO Act, police said.

Police is on the look out for all the absconding accused, they said.

Meanwhile, in another incident, a 30-year-old woman was allegedly raped by a youth inside her house at Sujru village here on Wednesday, police said.

Police have arrested Zahid (30) and lodged a case against him in this connection, he said.

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Hindu dentist Pankaj Narang beaten to death by Muslims in Delhi

Posted by The Mindset on March 25, 2016

Dr Pankaj Narang, who lived with his wife and son in the Vikaspuri area was dragged from his house and beaten to death by a gang of Muslims. As I wrote in my earlier post When Muslims murder Hindus it’s not intolerance Muslims kill Hindus in cold blood on trivial matter.

This is happening all over India. Innocent Hindus who are an asset for the society are getting killed while we are left with Muslims who are good for nothing except crime , riots and terrorism.

I don’t need to prove that Muslims are bloodthirsty, violent,murderous,savage,barabric and terrorist. We don’t need to prove it, Muslims do it themselves.

Indian Express Report – Delhi dentist beaten to death allegedly for defending son

A 40-year-old dentist was allegedly beaten to death by a group of around 15 persons, including at least four juveniles, following a dispute in west Delhi’s Vikaspuri area, police said Thursday.

The victim has been identified as Dr Pankaj Narang, who lived with his wife and son in the Vikaspuri area.

The incident took place late last night following which eight persons, including four juveniles, were apprehended, DCP (West) Pushpendra Kumar said.

One of the two persons who are prime accused in the case turned out to be a juvenile. The second has been identified as one Naseer.

According to police, Narang was taking a walk outside his residence last night when the juvenile and Naseer brushed him on their motorcycle. That led to a scuffle and the duo left the spot abandoning the motorbike there.
However, they returned later accompanied by around a dozen more persons and allegedly attacked the dentist with sticks and rods at his residence. They also thrashed people who came to his rescue.

It’s time Hindus open their eyes and accept the real face of Muslims. Stay away from Muslims if you want to be alive.

  • Please do not give jobs to Muslims
  • Do not keep Muslims as tenants
  • Do not hire Muslim rickshaw/temp/minibus
  • Do not talk to Muslims.

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Brussels terrorist attackers identified

Posted by The Mindset on March 24, 2016

Brussels suicide bombers were all Muslims (no surprise here) with a history of crime.


Brussels Airport Attackers – Bakraoui Brothers – Ibrahim el-Bakraoui & Khalid el-Bakraoui

They were both born in Belgium ( it doesn’t matter where a Muslim is born, they always pray towards Mecca and have loyalty towards Ummah).

The NY Times Report
BRUSSELS — The Brussels suicide bombers included two Belgium-born brothers with a violent criminal past and suspected links to plotters of the Islamic State’s Paris attacks last November, the authorities said on Wednesday, raising new alarms about Europe’s leaky defenses against a militant organization that has terrorized two European capitals with seeming impunity.
One of the brothers was deported by Turkey back to Europe less than a year ago, Turkey’s president said, suspected of being a terrorist fighter intent on entering Syria, where the Islamic State is based. Despite that statement, Belgian officials said neither brother had been under suspicion for terrorism until recently, an indication of the Islamic State’s ability to remain steps ahead of European intelligence and security monitors.
At least 31 people as well as the suicide bombers died on Tuesday in the blasts — two at the Brussels international airport departure terminal from homemade bombs hidden in luggage, and one at a subway station about seven miles away in the heart of Brussels. The number of wounded climbed to 300 from 270 on Wednesday as the area slowly sought to recover from one of the deadliest peacetime assaults in Belgium’s history.

Liberal idiots think that they can assimilate Muslims by providing them jobs. Muslims don’t go to European countries to get jobs or for better life, they go to Europe to convert it into another Islamic hellhole.


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When Muslims murder Hindus it’s not intolerance

Posted by The Mindset on March 24, 2016

Now a days  ‘intolerance’ has become the favourite word of pseudo-secular pseudo-intellectual liberal idiots. If a Muslim is killed they start crying ‘intolerance,intolerance’ at top of their lungs, but when innocent law abiding Hindus are murdered in cold blood by Muslims, they don’t bat an eyelid.

The Dadri Lynching which happened on the night of 28 Sept 2015, was made famous by these morons.

What about the murder of Hindus ?May be these pseudo secular think it’s constituional to kill Hindus.

Here are a few of the hundreds of incidents of crimes by Muslims against innocent Hindus. All these murders were committed by Muslims before Dadri Lynching.

16 Jan 2015 – Murder of two Hindus in Gujarat:
On a trivial matter of kite Muslims stabbed two Hindus -Pratik Magan Patel (29) and Sandeep Chhana Patel (32) – as usual Muslims showing their murderous , savage and barbaric face. Nothing new.

Oct 2014 – Murder of Ramesh Jadhav in Malad Mumbai
Five Muslims – Gullu Ali Mohammad Sajida (45), Yusuf Sajida (25), Sohail Ansari (25), Imran Kazi and a minor(Muslim) murdered 28 year old Ramesh Jadhav when he protested against ece-teasing by these Muslim goons. His mother and brother were also injured.

July 2015 – Murder of 15 year old Sanju Rathore
15 year old Sanju Rathore was shot dead by Muslims because hs cattle grazed in Muslims’ field. Muslims fired several shots at Hindus. Villagers Jitendra Singh and Raju Singh also sustained bullet injuries.
The police have arrested Mohammad Altaf for indiscriminately opening fire on the members of the Rathore community and killing the boy. Cases were registered against Umar Ali, Mohammad Istqam and two others.

24th June 2015, Kaushambi,(U.P.) Driver Ramesh murdered
A bus driver Ramesh was honking for way at junction which angered Qaisar and Vakeel, who beat Ramesh to death. On opposition, there was tension between the two communities.

Nadia Riots (May 2015)- Muslims murdered 5 Hindus
5 Hindus of same family were killed by Muslims. A Muslim mob first attacked a religious procession of Hindus and hurled bombs. Muslims then fired at Hindus and killed 5 persons.
The attack by Muslims was completely unprovoked. Hindus never did anything to provoke Muslims.

2014 Muzaffarnagar triple murder
2014 Muzaffarnagar triple murder was the brutal murder of three factory labourers in Bahadurpur Indiawhich led to tension in the community.[2]
Three victims were identified as Surender, Sunder and Kunwarpal. Their mutilated bodies were found by villagers after searching the nearby fields. Villagers blocked the national highway  and organized a mahapanchayat to protest against the killings.
Mohd Gulfam, Mohsin, Mohd Anis and Mohd Yunus were arrested for the crime.

9 Feb 2012, Muslim Teenager Stabbed Female Hindu Teacher to Death
A Muslim teenager Mohammed Irfan of St. Mary’s Anglo-Indian School killed Uma Maheswari, who taught Hindi and Science, in the classroom. The act was premeditated as he had smuggled a knife into the school for the purpose, said a visibly shaken Father A. Bosco, school administrator. Maheswari, a mother of two, raised an alarm when Irfan started stabbing her but before others could come to her rescue she bled to death. She was rushed to the Government General Hospital where doctors declared her dead.

Marad Massacre – 2 May 2003 – Muslims killed 8 Hindus
The Marad massacre was the killing of eight Hindus by a Muslim mob on 2 May 2003 at the Marad Beach of the Kozhikode district, Kerala, India.The judicial commission that probed the incident concluded that the Indian Union Muslim League was directly involved in both the conspiracy and execution of the massacre.The commission affirmed “a clear communal conspiracy, with Muslim fundamentalist and terrorist organisations involved”.

The courts sentenced 62 Muslims to life imprisonment for committing the massacre in 2009 – most of whom belonged to the Indian Union Muslim League, People’s Democratic Party, and National Development Front.
The attackers also threw bombs, but did not explode. Had they burst, the number of the dead would have multiplied.

Dabgarwad Massacre – 9 June 1985 – A Hindu widow along with 5 Hindu children burnt alive by Muslims
On 9 June 1985, at about 1.30 p.m., the military stationed at Dabgarwad left. A Muslim mob converged from two sides and when they intermingled in the corner somewhere near the house of Maniben or electric power sub-station, attacked Maniben’s house, which is located about 250 feet from police outpost, setting fire to it, and chaining it from outside resulting in death of Maniben, her two daughters, four grandchildren and a neighbor’s son.Muslim woman attempted to prevent fire brigade from extinguishing fire.


All these incidents prove that Muslims are murderers, terrorist, rapist and intolerant.So before Muslims cry about Dadri lynching they should look at themselves.

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