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"There is poison in the fang of the serpent, in the mouth of the fly and in the sting of a scorpion; but the wicked man is saturated with it." – Chanakya

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  9. Muslims – If all you want to say how great your prophet was or how great your so called religion is or you want me to read Quran/Hadith – GET LOST. I am fed up with that rant and your comments will be deleted, even without reading them once.

28 Responses to “Comment Policy”

  1. george said

    i really hate islam, literally despise the koran, and all suporters of the islamic world. piss on the koran, and mo-ham-head was a pedophile.

  2. marcello said

    All the christian pastors and church leaders are raping young boys. 5 million jews killed by German christians. lets see who wants to have a debate about the Bible there is nothing good in it. read the quran and find out truth about islam. just facts and truth based on what it is. who wants it? i will be waiting for you scum bag faggots.

    • Yes, the truth about Islam CAN be found in the Quran – IF it is returned to the order of suras/verses as dictated by Mohammed, then compared with Ibn Ishaq’s most trusted biography OF Mohammed. The truth that will become evident is that Mohammed was using Allah (the moon-god of his tribe, acknowledged by Islam’s symbol and the continued use of the Lunar calendar) to sanction whatever Mohammed wanted, whenever he wanted it. Mohammed even gave Allah characteristics of Satan, the Prince of Lies, giving the world “taqiyya,” Arabic for “Divine Deceit to further Allah’s cause;” the lie is a blessing to Satan and Muslims! What Deity but Satan lives off the lie? Is what Muslims do to non-Muslims in their power godlike? What can Allah do without human hands? Is the Hindu Kush/funeral pyre of the world’s oldest civilization anything but diabolical?

  3. Ek said

    India, Pakistan, Bangladesh,Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Nepal, are all same breed of people. And for the record all Muslims in these country’s are converted Muslims. Originally they were probably Hindu or Buddhist. Ever heard of Mahabharath, thats what these country’s were called when united.(Divided by the British I believe). People will always discriminate people anywhere you go. Qua-ran preaches only peace, But People are always going to be people.
    Its about reducing discrimination and hate and promoting love and peace.

    • You watch too much movies…and take them seriously too.

      • Muhammad Haris said

        hey sir go and read quran den ull know the affect speaking like this to our religion isn not all good you should respect the feeling of others little knowledge is dangerous thing before commenting or saying bad thing to others first look into yourself than say to the others ohk we know what are religion is we have done insight study of that and we know the true meaning 2105 the fastest growing religion is islam because people read and understand the quran and know the true meaning of that not people like who are doing false and provoking comment on our religion.We indian are going backwards beacuse we are so much in this religious fight and we are not progressing and beacuse of this weastern countries are progressing so you should make a website that provoke young generation to work hard and study and pay more attention to their study .Dear sir its my earnest request to u

    • Abdellah said

      my name is abdellah, and I fu**ing hate it. my familly are muslims, made me go to quoran school when I was 7 years old. I don’t see quoran is a bad as a religions but what is bad about it is the extremism ( like all other religion) and of course arabs in general are the last race on earth, because I grow up in arab country, so I know them well, they couple hundred years behind(25 years).

  4. imran khan said

    you people doing very bad job, u r feeding poison in the human environment. I am a muslim & Islam says to save humanity not to harm them. I admit some of our community doing wrong and we are against them more than a Hindu/ christian. We always respect others religion as our Islam says. Why are u treating all Muslims as terrorist. Talk to us , feel us as uor friend , we will stand with u always for the nation best.
    Jai Hind

    • your lies will not work anymore.
      on one hand you produce terrorist organisation like ISIS on the other hand you talk sweet.
      you are poison wrapped in sugar.

    • Muslims are told not to study Islamic doctrine “unguided” for “fear of misinterpretation.” The reality is a knowledge of what they’ll find: over 220 self-contradictions in the “perfect” Qur’an alone. “Sirat Rasul Allah” (The Way of the Apostle of Allah), by Ibn Ishaq, speaks of a troubled, thrice orphaned man living off the kindness and toleration of others for 40-years before his Epileptic seizures made him believe he was going crazy, but his elderly wife suggested the more socially acceptable “Jewish prophet” possibility – which he adopted, and began preaching like he believed a Jewish prophet would. 13-years in Mecca, where there were too few Jews to challenge his pretense, until getting driven out for insulting Meccan ancestors took him to Medina, where the three Jewish tribes thought he was a joke, while he claimed they’d corrupted their doctrine (that didn’t match his versions). When his rich wife’s money began to run out from supporting the 150 unemployable followers, driven from Mecca with him, he invented Jihad to preclude them turning on him. And here we are. Those who study Islamic doctrine unguided either become Islamic clerics/imams, to exercise the power they have over ignorant followers, or walk away from poorly crafted, delusional Islam.

  5. moose said

    Good God – I have been reading some of the nonsense on this site and the ignorance and stupidity of it all makes me smile – such shallow people here – hate Islam? Hate Muslims? There are over 1 Billion and growing every day – hey control at least half the oil in the world and about 15-18% of the US economy.
    You idiots sit here and mock them? They don’t give a flying F*uck if you ask me – but then again you aren’t asking me – so I’ll just give you some more facts – ISIS does NOT represent Islam.
    Iraq was doing ‘JUST FINE’ before the US decided to invade it for its Oil. Libya was doing great before American backed rebels f*cked it all up.
    For the record – it is common knowledge – Where ever the US decides to go in to ‘help’ or ‘liberate’ or ‘democratise’ or instil ‘freedom’ – basically means they want oil or something or the other – and they mess up everything and walk out – unlike say, the British who have always laid infrastructure, and created jobs and make the state they have invaded, or did invade.
    God I could go on – but you guys are all too ignorant or shallow and most definitely uneducated, even after living in the US which if anything, is at least a major exporter of good education.
    anyway, good day to you all, I have to go back to making money and living the American dream

    • Wherever Muslims go they create law and order problem.
      The coutries which were once peaceful have been converted into hellholes by Muslims.(Iraq and Afghanistan are good examples).
      Iraq was not fine even before the US attack ;they were infact had several wars with their neighbours.
      If USA attacked Iraq for oil why they didn’t control it? Why they left Iraq?
      If the USA had not left Iraq may be Iraq would be better.
      Now USA has started digging it own oil, why they do that, why they don’t dig in Iraq and bring it to their country free of cost.
      ISIS = Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, they surely do represent Islam. what else do you think they represent – Christianity. Don’t know why you write such a stupid thing.
      ISIS is killing thousands of non-Muslims and Kurds and Shia, so how you can say it does not represent Islam. Saying stupid things like this will not change the image of Muslims.

      Ans so what if Muslims are 1 billion, there may 100 billion rats in the world, so what?

  6. Georgia said


    (You’re spewing hatred because you think that hiding behind a computer screen will protect you. You should really evaluate your priorities.)

    I’ve been poring over your blog and I cannot believe how utterly ridiculous you are.

    Like several people have stated, nobody ever brings up the good Muslims have done. Oh, one radical group does something and suddenly, ALL Muslims are deemed terrorists? That’s like saying all Germans are terrible because of the Holocaust! Here’s some history for you:

    After the Treaty of Versailles sent Germany’s economy into ruins, the Germans were discontented. Hitler came along with “Mein Kampf” and created havoc. He blamed the Jews for the economic downfalls and as Germany had nobody else to blame and because the Jews were the minority at the time, they followed. Jews became a scapegoat and the German Nazis oppressed them. Now, this was during the 1940s period. It is the 21st century. Will Germans repeat history? No. It was their ancestors who committed heinous acts. Does that mean the Germans of today will also follow the footsteps of Hitler and commit genocide? NO.

    ISIS does not REPRESENT the WHOLE of MUSLIMS. Don’t attempt to twist my words because if you had that much sense, you would understand what I’m pointing out. It is terrible what these extremists are doing. But these are EXTREMISTS. They misinterpret the Qur’an and use religion as a shield to defend their crimes. Allah NEVER said to wage a “holy war” on non-believers or to kill anybody. When a Jew came to kill Muhammed (PBUH). You don’t even have to be religious to know that no human deserves to suffer at the hands of another because of his religious beliefs.

    When a CHRISTIAN commits a terrible act, he’s not labelled horribly like Muslims are. Today, anti-antisemitism is forbidden. So what about “Islamophobia?” Why is nobody saying anything about that? Because of people like you. You’re uneducated and only rely on what you see to back up your frivolous beliefs. You rely on media. I know for a fact that you have NEVER bothered to study or even ask a Muslim scholar about the Qur’an face-to-face.

    Muslims are being oppressed now. Hindus and Buddhists are brutally murdering INNOCENT Muslims. Will the world say something? If they kept silent during the mass burning of INNOCENT Jews, will they help now? Has the world learned their lesson? No. Why? Because of people like you who cannot tolerate another religion and go about your life polluting the minds of others with your hatred. You are not happy with Muslims. Why? There were a few RADICAL idiots who decided to commit horrible acts. However, EVEN if they did, YOU should have enough morality in yourself to say, “I will not label all Muslims as terrible. I should enlighten the unenlightened.”

    This is a world where every type of people coexist. Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, homosexuals, heterosexuals, etc… People like yourself only prove just how much idiocy has an impact on others. And your followers? “M” who can’t even identify himself and just sputters invalid opinions? Or maybe George? Or how about the faceless ones that think they’re entitled to their “opinion” and can say whatever they want without getting shot down? A group of pure, uncultured, wretched individuals. If you have a faith (which I severely doubt you do considering what you’re doing), you would know that God created everybody equally and it is OUR choice to do good or bad. And what’s better? Promoting hatred on a bogus blog or being enlightened and having hope in humanity? Good or bad. I, as a fellow human being, am telling you that you’re choosing the wrong path to walk on.

    Consider this:

    There once was a time where Hindus such as yourself and Muslims were brothers. You fought together and booted the British out of India. There once was a time where during the Holocaust, a Muslim man saved a Jewish boy from being dragged to a concentration camp by SS officers.
    There once was a time where a Jewish family was saved by their Muslim neighbors and in return, years later, the same Jewish woman saved the Muslim woman from harm.
    There once was a time where RELIGIOUS TOLERATION proved to people that there IS something worth living for.
    These are all part of a large spectrum.

    Also consider this:

    Psychological damages don’t have to be physical or biological. Why? Mental abuse is the biggest factor of many psychological disorders. You are hurting others. You are emotionally scarring them. Some may feel horrible for what they believe in and start to question their faith because of you. It’s one thing when an individual begins to question their faith because of science. It’s another when one begins to question their faith because of a corrupted man’s thoughts.

    I don’t have to be a Muslim to know the difference between right and wrong. If someone on your blog defends Islam AND proves their point with FACTUAL evidence, you respond with, “Oh, he’s an advocate for Islam. He’s stupid” or “You’re a Muslim, aren’t you?” I respect Muslims and treat them just like everybody else because I KNOW WHAT THEY FOLLOW AND THAT IS PEACE AND PEACE ALONE. YOU do not have enough brain to believe that and only allow anger to consume yourself because of a few bad seeds in the Muslim population. Again, DON’T try to TWIST my words with, “What do you mean by a few bad seeds? Every single one of them are disgusting!” There are bad people everywhere. There are racists, homophobes, murderers, rapists, thieves…and these people are condemned. There are bad people in EVERY SINGLE RELIGION, not ONLY Islam. BUT there is good as well, INCLUDING MANY GOOD PEOPLE IN ISLAM.

    Think about it. Think about this blog you’ve posted. Read some history. You are indirectly advocating for a future genocide.

    It’s people like you that make me wonder why this world is beginning to withdraw from humanity. Before you counterattack with sentences of genuine stupidity, THINK about it.

    If I had been a straight-forward person, I would just say stop being petty. This world is full of bad people, but that doesn’t mean you have to believe that the good are evil, too. If you think you’re suffering abuse, then why the hell would you respond by abusing back?

    But I’m not.

    After stumbling across your blog, I lost myself. In this sort of situation, there is no solution but to fight fire with fire. I really can’t believe WordPress is allowing you to publish such cruelty. This is not freedom of speech. This is hate. And I don’t stand for that. At all.

    By the way, your comment policy is a huge contradiction to yourself. If you think you’re allowed freedom of speech (which is spreading irrational hate in your case), then why aren’t people allowed to defend Islam? Oh, you’ll delete it?

    You’re waging a war here. Get off the Internet and go enlighten yourself. Read. And for the love of God, THINK.

  7. islam said

    Islam is the great religion not by quran and hadith only but also through all religious book…if u want know about islam go to your book and read properly…its enough for u to learn islam…try one tym u will get

    • Give this stupid lecture to your own kind.

    • proton said

      i dont understand why these morons keep on ranting about — read the quran – you will learn……
      who would want to learn to be a terrorist. why would anyone want to read the quran we know what it did to you and your forefathers it made terrorists out of you.

  8. Mark said

    You have great content here. Do you have twitter handle?

  9. Bernard said


    I placed a link to your site on my blog and I linked to you in my email to Australian Prime Minister which I posted on my blog

  10. Andrea said

    I see that your first comment rule is no offensive language but the suggestions for Christmas gifts for Muslims that you have posted are very offensive. My daughter and I were searching the web for a Christmas gift for Muslim friends and my daughter clicked on this site… I now wonder how you can identify yourself as being any better than anyone when you post such things. You claim to be Jewish but I have friends of that same faith and they are very respectful and would never say much less publicly post such trash as what you have. Normally I wouldn’t even bother to respond but felt the need to let you know that even as you feel the need to criticize, belittle, and put down others because of their beliefs… I … we will continue to pray for you. Pray that you will learn to love and see others as God sees them. Not judge them as you are but learn that he… God is the only one who can judge us. We will pray for peace in your heart and success in your life and health for your family. I hope that you understand that even as some Muslims may have hurt us…not all have. Just as some dogs bite… not all will bite. We have to separate the person and their sins from the group. Learn to have compassion for your fellow man and live a happy life.

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