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Windows Linux and Islamic Conversions in US Prisons

Posted by The Mindset on April 22, 2011

Windows Vs Linux

Windows Vs Linux

“Which is the best Operating System?” the proffessor asked the class.
“Linux”, I answered.
The professor smiled and said, “Yes” adding “but which sells the most.”
“Windows”, said everybody in chorus.
“But why, if it is not the best product?” he asked.
“Because….Windows is for novices, while Linux is for the experts”, he answered after a while.

“It is not necessary that the best product would sell the most in the market.”

Compares to Apple’s Mac, IBM’s OS/2 or Linux, Windows looks like a poor imitation. It is selling not because it is good but because  people who use it know nothing more than using it.

In the same way even if a lots of people are converting to Islam it is absolutely not necessary that it is the best religion. They are converting because they don’t know anything about their own religion or more because they don’t know anything about Islam.

Just like Windows is for novices or people who are not programmers or experts in Computer Science, Islam is a system designed expecially for criminals, thugs, rapists, looters and Underworld Dons.
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