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Hindu youth beaten to death for loving Muslim Girl

Posted by The Mindset on February 20, 2010

9 Muslim men in the age group of 22-24 were arrested by Banglaore police for beating a Hindu youth, Madeyan, to death. His crime – talking to Hajira, a Muslim girl he loved.

Bangalore police was about to write off the case because they could not establish the identity of the victim.

Bangalore: The Tilaknagar police were clueless for long about this murder in February. Neither the identity of the 30-year-old man whose body was found in an empty site called Green Orchard could be established, nor the motive.

However, the story began unfolding gradually. Police have now learned that a love story with a communal tinge led to the murder. After killing the man for loving a girl from their community, the assailants kept the girl at a madrassa in Punganoor, police said.

Nine persons aged 22 to 24 — Mohammed Akbar, Quaja Mohinuddin, Zahir Khan, Syed Nyamat, Arshad, Safeer Ahamed, Imran Khan, Habib Ul Rehman and Abdul Rehman — have been arrested.


This news appeared as a very small news in the major newspapers because of the PoCoCo(Politically Correct to the Core) nature of the “secular” Indian media.

The Indian media made a hue and cry over one Rizwan muder case and forced the central investigation agency of India to investigate that case surprisingly keeps silence on such cases.

Ofcourse it is national integration if man from minority community loves women from other community for the sole purpose of converting them. But if the love thing changes it’s direction , then that must lead to communal riot.

This is the level of hypocrisy of Muslims.

The media must be “restraint” reporting such “damaging” news.

“He had a relationship with a girl called Hazira. This led us to the main accused, Khwaja Moinuddin, who lives in New Gurapanapalya.”

The cops soon found that others were involved in the crime. They arrested Moinuddin’s accomplices Zaheer Khan, Safir, Imran Khan, Habibul Rehman, Syed Nyamat, Abdul Rehman and two others.

The police said that on the day of the murder, the accused spotted Madeyan and Hazira chatting in a park.

They raised objections to Madeyan talking to a girl from their community, bundled him into a car and drove away.

The nine men later killed Madeyan and dumped his body in Tilaknagar police limits.

Hazira was detained in the house of one of the accused before they moved her to Punganur in Tamil Nadu, the officer said, adding that an investigation into the abduction of the girl is underway.

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