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Muslim MP walks out during playing of Vande Mataram

Posted by The Mindset on May 9, 2013

So Muslims don’t have any problem when they get Haj Subsidy, when they get separate courts and separate laws but singing national song is against their so called religion.

What a bunch of hypocrites these people are. Muslims are parasites who suck the blood of their host until they run it dry.

New Delhi : Many Muslims refuse to sing the national song ‘Vande Mataram’ on the ground that their religion does not allow them to worship any entity other than Allah. On Wednesday, it was the turn of a Muslim BSP member Shafiqur Rahman Barq to register his protest.

He did so by walking out the instant Speaker Meira Kumar ordered playing of the song to mark the adjournment sine die of the Budget session, two days ahead of schedule.

While shutting down the session sine die, Kumar took strong objection to the MP walking out of the House.

“I saw one member walking out of the House while Vande Mataram was being played. I take a very serious view of this and need to know why he did so. This should never be done again,” the Speaker said.

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Muslims comprise of 48 % of jail inmates in West Bengal

Posted by The Mindset on May 1, 2013

Here goes The Religion of Peace – Muslims comprise of 48 % of jail inmates in West Bengal though their population is around 24%  and it’s reported by a Muslim news website.

It clearly shows their criminal nature and their criminal ideology called Islam.

Kolkata: According to a recently released report of ‘Prisons Statistics – 2011’ by the National Crime Bureau, the Muslim percentage of inmates in West Bengal is disproportionately high.

56.7% of convicts belong to Muslim community were lodged in four States namely Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal.

In West Bengal Muslim population are 25%, but Muslim prisoners under trials and convicts in jail are 48%.

The number of Muslim under-trials has increased from 5,722 in 2010 to 6,174 in West Bengal.

TCN has a copy of the RTI response that contains detail figure of six central jails in the state.

The report shows that at places numbers of Muslim prison inmates double than that of Hindu inmates. The data for 2012 is compiled as on 01.07.2012 for under trial period and convict.

In 2011 there is 4645 Hindu inmates in 6 Central Jail in West Bengal, But Muslim inmates are 4524 nearly 48% of the total prisoners, where Hindu inmates are 49%.

Murshidabad is the largest Muslim populated district in West Bengal, with 63.67% Muslim population according to the 2001 Census. But in Berhampore Correctional Home Muslim inmates in double then the Hindu communities. In 2011, Hindu inmates were 601 while Muslim comprise of 1134 jail inmates. In 2010 Hindu inmates were 649.

Jalpaiguri is one of the lowest Muslim population districts in West Bengal with only 10.85% Muslim population. Muslim inmates in Jalpaiguri Central Jail, however, comprise of 33.37%.

According to Sachar Committee report in state only 3% of population are in government jobs. Jail inmates, in contrast, are nearing 50%.

These reports clearly indicate that Muslims are uncivilised, barbaric, arrogant, aggressive, violent, criminal minded people who don’t deserve to live near civilised people. Muslims are stupid and lazy. They do not want to work but want all luxuries in life. This make crime an easy choice for them.Muslims should be isolated and should be left alone to fend themselves.

Link to the website

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Mumbai gets its first Shariah court

Posted by The Mindset on April 30, 2013

Mumbai gets its first Shariah court – and Muslims wonder why they are not considered Indians and are not treated equally.

Hey Muslims if you want these kangaroo courts then you better pack your bags and go back to Saudi Arabia. In no time Muslims will get a Burma or Sri Lanka in India. Just wait and watch you jihadis…

Mumbai gets its first Shariah courtMUMBAI: The city is set to get its first Darul Qaza or Shariah court to settle civil and marital disputes in the Muslim community. The court, set up by the All India Muslim Personal Law Board, will be inaugurated on Monday at Anjuman-i-Islam, near CST, and will serve to fill a long-felt need of the community.
Shariah courts already function at many places in the country, such as Hyderabad, Patna and Malegaon. Here qazis appointed by the AIMPLB hear the community’s various disputes, barring criminal cases, and deliver judgements. “This court will function to settle mainly family disputes pertaining to marriage, divorce and inheritance. Marriage disputes will be settled quickly and the couples will be told to either reconcile or separate if reconciliation is not possible. It will save the community much time and money as fighting cases in civil courts is expensive and time-consuming,” said AIMPLB secretary Maulana Wali Rahmani.

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Muslims killed Hindu youth – stabbed 15 times

Posted by The Mindset on April 16, 2013

Muslims, India’s peaceful minority, look how peacefully they are livinh with Hindus in India.
Muslims cry regularly that they are treated like second class citizens – do second class citizens commit murders in broad daylight.

In the latest case 5 Muslims stabbed a Hindu youth 15 times for not paying them extortion maney (jiziya) killing him. The poor youth had a daughter and a son.

Mumbai Mirror: Video parlour owner murdered in Antop Hill for not paying hafta

A 27-year-old owner of a video parlour in Antop Hill was stabbed to death on Monday by five local goons for refusing to pay hafta.

The slain father of two was attacked with swords and choppers on Monday morning outside his Sangam Nagar chawl at Antop Hill.

Raju Mistrylal Soni is survived by his wife Rita, 25, and two children Sneha, six, and Golu, four.

The accused have been identified as Niyaz alias Guddu Akbar Hussain, Feroz Ahmed alias Gabru Alihassan Idrisi, Naseem Rafiq Khan, Ibbu and Hafizul alias Bengali. All the five accused are absconding.

Muslims have given nothing to this country except crime riots and terrorism.Majority of the crimes in India are done by Muslims . Majority of the rapes and terrorist attacks in India are done by Muslims. India without Muslims will be a betterand safer  place to live.

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Muslim terrorist arrested in Bihar state of India

Posted by The Mindset on May 9, 2012

The police team from Karnataka arrested Kafil Ahmed from Barasmela village two days ago in connection with the 2010 Chinnaswamy Stadium twin blasts

Times of India Report: Karnataka police arrest Muslim terrorist in Bihar

DARBHANGA/PATNA: The Karnataka police have arrested a suspected terrorist from Bihar’s Darbhanga district, prompting chief minister Nitish Kumar to raise objection against the unilateral police action.

The police team from Karnataka arrested Kafil Ahmed from Barasmela village two days ago in connection with the 2010 Chinnaswamy Stadium twin blasts, superintendent of police Garima Malik said.
Fifteen people were injured when two low-intensity bombs exploded outside a packed Chinnaswamy cricket stadium on April 17, 2010.

“The Karnataka police did not contact the local police nor inform us about the arrest of Ahmed,” the SP said, adding that the Darbhanga police came to know about the arrest of the suspected terrorist from his family.

In Patna, chief minister Nitish Kumar said, “The Karnakata police has brazenly violated an established law about giving prior information to the local police about arrest of a person from its jurisdiction.”

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India without Muslims

Posted by The Mindset on August 23, 2011

What if you wake up one day and find that all the Muslims in India have disappeared, —- gone….just disappeared… thin air.

How would you feel?

OK let’s think of how this will affect our country :>

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Muslims in India offer prayers for Osama bin Laden

Posted by The Mindset on May 8, 2011

Several Muslims clerics in different cities of India offered prayers for the soul of Osama bin Laden. The turnout out was low but in cities where Muslims have a majority or high concentration the trunout was really high.
Here is the Times of India Report.
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Who says Osama is a terrorist:Muslim religious leaders of India

Posted by The Mindset on May 3, 2011

In India there are 160 million (16 crore) Muslims .

Here are few of our ‘peaceful minorities’ who are making a real effort that Osama bin Laden was ‘not-a-terrorist’. Continuing their age-old rant about America and the ‘War on Terror’ and as always siding with Islamic Jihad. Here are the statements:

Who says Osama is a terrorist, ask Muslim religious leaders

NEW DELHI: From incredulity to hostility towards the US — reactions of Indian Muslim organisations changed rapidly as it became clear that the news of Osama bin Laden’s death in a CIA operation in Abbottabad in Pakistan was not American propaganda.

Muslim religious leaders, cutting across sectarian divisions, questioned the “America-propounded” description of the al-Qaida leader as a terrorist, asking what judicial procedures had been followed to pronounce him as one. There was, however, obvious unease at the fact that he had been found to be living in Pakistan and had been killed in an US operation on Pakistani soil.

Syed Ahmed Bukhari, Imam of Jama Masjid, objected to Osama being called a terrorist, “When did any court of law in the world convict Bin Laden of terrorist activities? It is only America’s assertion and that of Nato that he was one. Why should we believe them. As for the government of India’s reactions, I would want to know their views on what is happening in Palestine even now when thousands of Muslims are being killed by Israel with US help. The killing (of Osama) in a continuation of US interference in Libya, Iraq and Palestine.”

Maulana Arshad Madani, president of one faction of the Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind, also disagreed that Osama was a terrorist.I do not believe he indulged in terrorism. The question to be asked is why did US come into Afghanistan in the first place? Who created Osama? Americans did to exterminate the Russians. Now that their need has been fulfilled, they term Osama, who was at one point their best friend, a terrorist. It is symptomatic of the American way of functioning of their constant use and throw policy with countries and people.”

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Muslims attacked Hindus in Indian Town

Posted by The Mindset on April 26, 2011

Muslims the so-called followers of The Religion of Peace attacked Hindus in the Indian town of Meerut.

After a Muslim man was roughed by a group of youngsters Muslims burned down several shops and government buses. Here is the complete report:
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Why Muslims suffer in non-Muslim countries?

Posted by The Mindset on April 23, 2011

This is an open letter to Ali Sina from an ex-Muslim. Here he has explained why Muslims can’t be good citizens, why they are not loyal to the country where they live and why they suffer in non-Muslims countries.
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