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An Islamic fatwa that explicitly permits Muslims to wipe their anuses with pages from the Torah and New Testament

Posted by The Mindset on May 22, 2013

An Islamic fatwa that explicitly permits Muslims to wipe their anuses with pages from the Torah and New Testament Bookmark and Share

Defecation Occurs  (Daniel Pipes)

Daniel Pipes reminds us of an Islamic fatwa that explicitly permits Muslims to wipe their anuses with pages from the Torah and New Testament.

Charmed I’m sure.

A good one for the Interfaith Dialoguers to get their hands dirty with and get to the bottom of things.
The reason that such a fatwa can be issued is of course because islam regards the Bible and New Testament as having been falsified by “the Jews” and the Christians.

The doctrine preached by Muhammed was a simple one. The Koran is a book of divine origin revealed progressively to Muhammed  through the angel Gabriel. Islam is the only true and eternal religion (Koran 3:17). The prophets of Israel and Jesus had  already preached it and foretold the coming of Muhammed, but the Jews and the Christians, jealous of the perfection of the new religion, had rejected him and falsified their own sacred Scriptures. The Muslim faith stresses the divine character of the Koran and of Muhammed’s preaching: “Whoever obeys the Messenger obeys God.”

2. The perfection of the Koran, the duty of the Muslims to engage in jihad, and the inferiority of infidels are recurrent themes in the Koran and the Traditions (Sunna). […]

3. Koran 4:82, 106, 135; 5:22; 6: 114, 126; 11:17, 20; 12:2, 104. See n. 2 above.

The Dhimmi: Jews and Christians under Islam  by Bat Ye’or p. 43.

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Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

Islam: An Awakening for the Infidel World

by Inquisitive Infidel

31 Aug, 2008


1.3 Sharia Law

Sharia Law is readily obtainable in English. In applying Sharia law, or Islamic law, or Doctrinal Islam, or Muslim jurisprudence: NO Muslim can reject ANY part of Qur’an or the hadiths and remain Muslim (the alternative is becoming an apostate). Sharia is the EXCLUSIVE SOURCE of law for both Muslims and non-Muslims (the Infidel), and embraces ALL human activities – both personal and communal.

Sharia is understood as a series of duties and obligations; is not severable from Islamic theology; and as such it does not tolerate parties of differing opinion in its application. It exercises absolute and centralized control over ALL aspects of life. Islam does not consider itself to be the third Abrahamic faith, contrary to fond imaginings. It considers itself to be the only Abrahamic faith, the true faith of all the patriarchs and prophets, including Joseph and Abraham, and of which Judaism and Christianity are but falsifications and perversions. (Qur’an: 12:40; 48:28; 61:9; 16.52; 5:3; 9:33.) In other words, Islam is “the last religion”.

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That should throw light on a particularly backward  area of Islamic Shari’ah.

—-The Law


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Muslim woman jailed for Killing Son Over Quran Study

Posted by The Mindset on January 8, 2013

Muslim woman jailed for Killing Son Over Quran Study

A British judge on Monday sentenced a woman he called a “devoted and loving mother” to at least 17 years in prison for beating her son to death after he failed to memorize passages from the Quran.

A jury at Cardiff Crown Court in Wales convicted 33-year-old Sara Ege last month of murdering 7-year-old Yaseen and burning his body to destroy the evidence.

Judge Wyn Williams said Ege beat Yaseen repeatedly with a stick over several months, causing internal injuries.

He said that, on the day he died in 2010, Yaseen had been kept home from school to memorize verses from the Muslim holy book, and that his failure “was the trigger for the beating” that killed him.

The judge agreed with defense arguments about India-born Ege’s state of mind, saying she was “a devoted and loving mother” who suffered from depression and had been a victim of domestic violence.

Still, he said, she subjected her son to “prolonged cruelty.”

Ege admitted killing her son in a confession taped by police, but later retracted it and blamed her husband, Yousef. He was tried and acquitted on a charge of failing to prevent his son’s death.

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Quranic Verses You Must Know

Posted by The Mindset on October 12, 2010

If you think, just like all those misguided souls that Islam is the religion of peace you must read these Quranic verses.
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