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Mumbai gets its first Shariah court

Posted by The Mindset on April 30, 2013

Mumbai gets its first Shariah court – and Muslims wonder why they are not considered Indians and are not treated equally.

Hey Muslims if you want these kangaroo courts then you better pack your bags and go back to Saudi Arabia. In no time Muslims will get a Burma or Sri Lanka in India. Just wait and watch you jihadis…

Mumbai gets its first Shariah courtMUMBAI: The city is set to get its first Darul Qaza or Shariah court to settle civil and marital disputes in the Muslim community. The court, set up by the All India Muslim Personal Law Board, will be inaugurated on Monday at Anjuman-i-Islam, near CST, and will serve to fill a long-felt need of the community.
Shariah courts already function at many places in the country, such as Hyderabad, Patna and Malegaon. Here qazis appointed by the AIMPLB hear the community’s various disputes, barring criminal cases, and deliver judgements. “This court will function to settle mainly family disputes pertaining to marriage, divorce and inheritance. Marriage disputes will be settled quickly and the couples will be told to either reconcile or separate if reconciliation is not possible. It will save the community much time and money as fighting cases in civil courts is expensive and time-consuming,” said AIMPLB secretary Maulana Wali Rahmani.

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In Maldives, girl raped by dad repeatedly faces flogging

Posted by The Mindset on January 8, 2013

Times of India report: In Maldives, girl raped by dad repeatedly faces flogging

MALE: A 15-year-old in the Maldives whose father is accused of repeatedly raping her and killing the resulting baby risks being flogged for “fornication” with another man under the nation’s strict Islamic law, a police source said on Monday.

In the course of inquiries into the rape case, investigators say they unearthed evidence of the girl having had consensual sex with another man, which is an offence in the Indian Ocean holiday destination, the source said.

Women, including minors, having consensual sex outside marriage can be charged in the Maldives, where convicts can be publicly flogged. Minors receive the punishment when they reach 18, the age of majority.

The child’s step-father is accused by police of repeatedly raping the girl and fathering a child by her which he subsequently murdered. The girl’s mother has been charged with helping dispose of the infant’s body, police said.

Stupid Islamic Laws.

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Why Muslims can’t be good Citizens?

Posted by The Mindset on May 16, 2011

In India Muslims have a personal law board what we know as – All India Muslim Personal Law Board– for them which takes care of the issues of marriage, divorce and property. They live (and have always lived) like a nation inside a nation. Even then they spread the dung that they are treated badly which is a LIE ( read-Persecution of Muslims in India is a LIE). They don’t want to sing “Vande Matarm” because it hurts their ‘religious feelings’…and bla bla bla bla ….

But this is not a peculiar case with Muslims in India, they are same everywhere. Even in Britain they are asking for a separate Sharia Law.

So why Muslims can’t be good citizens of the land where they live.
Here are some good reasons why Muslims can’t be good citizens.

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